Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A little late but The International Park and Sink Gathering

The International Mystery Gathering 2009, once again took place at the mighty Chassezac Seam. 15 minutes hike deep into a scenic gorge you find this...The Chassezac seam, The river flows around an island converging and dropping to the depths of the river bed, sending squirtists with it!

A bunch of Squirters from the UK and France descended [sorry about the Pun!] to the Ardeche region of france to test out their lung capacitiesUnfortunately the River bed had changed, so the seam wasnt offering unlimited rides [as seen here ]

Still the water was clear, the sun was out [mostly] and it still offered up 15 second plus ridesFull day sessions gave pleanty of chance just to chill out and watch the action, or join in and swim with the fish...

checkin out the seam

Funny little French car

hmmm Foliage
Typical Evening Fun, good wine and a swift hand of Sh*t Head

Going Down
Chilling with the fish

The mighty Chassezac

Off the water Activities
Adam D showing howit's done...
Day Dreaming of the deep